Speed Passion 10.5R Brushless Motor MMM Series SP-SP000037

Speed Passion 10.5R Brushless Motor MMM Series SP-SP000037

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Speed Passion 10.5R Brushless Motor MMM Series SP-SP000037

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Speed Passion MMM Motor

PN Model: SP000037

Design: Sensored

Size: 540

Rotor: 12,3 mm Black with Purple Ring

Turns: 10,5 R

Input Voltage: 2 cells, 4-6 cells nimh

MAx. Amp: 26

KV (RPM / Volt): 4000

Shaft Diameter: 3,175

Hand Wounded: Yes

Speed Passion is proud to present the all new MMM V3 Competition motor series. MMM simply means More torque, More power and More speed. It is based of the well success V3.0 Competition Motor Series that took the World Championship by the storm in 2010 and many other winning records thru out the world. And we have gather all these winning information, plus drivers experience and going one step further, in order to achieve a higher expectation. And because of our effort, which allow us to develope a better motor to meet the new racing environment and going forward to provide better and faster motor to our customer and racer all over the world.……………………………….

The New Speed Passion Competition V3.0 MMM motor series has the following features:

A. Totally redesigned motor front plate and rear motor end bell.
Totally new design and stronger material motor front plate and rear end bell ready for the most extreme condition.

B. The new and reinforced timing sensor unit.
This new and improved sensor unit provide a stronger sensor holding capability to withhold the most extreme racing condition and can improve reliability.

C. New higher motor timing - 11 to 20 degrees (standard)
New on MMM series is the advanced timing unit sensor (in degrees, 11-20 degrees, standard). Multiple timing sensor units (in different degrees of timing) are available for wide choice of adjustability to meet all the racing need. Different timing range will be separated by different color coded sensor unit.

D. Totally redesigned Stator
This new stator from the MMM series will improve the power band output by the overall 10% over the standard V3 Competition series motor.

E. 5 grams lighter than the regular V3.0 competition motor series
Using lighter material but without losing strength. Hard coated material with laser engraved motor prints, matting with gun metal finish gives the MMM series a World Champion looks from the outside. Quick and reliable bullet plugs connection is still the signature design on the MMM series motor.

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