PICCO R1.21 TEAM DLC Ceramic On-Road PIC9270

PICCO R1.21 TEAM DLC Ceramic On-Road PIC9270

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PICCO R1.21 TEAM DLC Ceramic On-Road  PIC9270

The Picco R1 Team DLC CER engine is the new high-end, competition on road engine of our line. Featuring a redesigned, stiffer crankcase that ensures more stable performances throughout a wider temperature range and prevents any loss of RPMs tue to unwanted torsions, the new engine also sports a double bottom-end adjustment carburettor for finer tuning and a better passage. The crankshaft features an all new, precious DLC coating that prevents any oxidation and any wear of the crankpin. Fitted with a ceramic ball bearing, the crankcase also sports smaller upper fins to allow the laser engraved, aluminium cooling head to sit lower on the engine for a lower overall CG. At the heart of the engine we find a 7 port sleeve paired with a piston machined from high silicon material.

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